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Information Technology

The company through its officers have in excess of 27 years experience of I.T. solutions from supply and installation of small L.A.N. through to W.A.N. solutions utilising multiple servers, remote hosting and thin client technologies.

Please contact us at:-

quotes@akvoice.co.uk or + 44 (0)207 7483232 if you are interested ion our services for a free consultation.


This is a prime consideration in all solutions offered by the company from reducing your voice call costs through to reduction in line rentals, photocopy costs and I.T. overheads.

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AK Voice Systems Ltd are totally independent and have been involved in corporate mobile communications since incorporation and its officers have over 27 years experience of working with all major networks.

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AK Voice Systems have undertaken a variety of consultancy projects from mobile communication cost reduction through to I.T. hosting solutions for a wide range of clients including the Legal, Banking ...

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