AK Voice Systems Ltd

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AK Voice Systems Ltd are totally independent and have been involved in corporate mobile communications since incorporation and its officers have over 27 years experience of working with all major networks. Whether you are looking to streamline your mobile work force, improve connectivity or simply reduce your mobile cost of ownership we are able to assist in a totally independent capacity.

The company also offers a management service whereby invoices can be analysed to see if mistakes have been made and if costs savings can be achieved.

If you wish to make use of our services or would like a free preliminary consultation please do not hesitate to contact us at quotes@akvoice.co.uk or on + 44 (0) 207 7483232.


AK Voice Systems Ltd are well placed to provide independent advice on a range of Telecommunication Systems and Services whether it be the replacement of a single p.a.b.x. or a complete networked I.P. based solution with data convergence.

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The company through its officers have in excess of 27 years experience of I.T. solutions from supply and installation of small L.A.N. through to W.A.N. solutions utilising multiple servers, remote hosting and thin client technologies.

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AK Voice Systems Ltd specialise in Voice & Data convergence whether it is simply presentation of voice-mail messages appearing in your email to full blown C.T.I. and Blackberry MVS solutions enabling you to reduce roaming costs and ...

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